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How does COVID19 affect energy efficiency plans of industry?

14 September 2020  by  Stefan M. Buettner

How does COVID19 affect energy efficiency plans of industry? What framework(s) are effective to help decarbonise industry? Do companies plan to decarbonise? How/by when?


What are the short term plans of manufacturing companies for 2025? Which ingredients are key to help companies making a low Carbon Transition a success for themselves?


Are companies' short term plans implementable with current policies?


Join us in taking the pulse of global manufacturing via the EEBarometer to create the knowledge it takes to help all involved to succeed on the road of gradual decarbonisation!




Thanks to our global network of partners & multipliers the questionnaire is accessible to manufacturing companies across 12 dedicated country versions and five further universal language versions allowing native speakers in 88 countries to participate.




Findings for Germany will be published at European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee)'s Industry conference, global outcomes towards the turn of years.







About Stefan M. Buettner

Stefan M. Buettner is Director of Global Strategy & Impact at EEP – Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production and Chair of the UNECE Task Force on Industrial Energy Efficiency.

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