26 April - Meet EEIP Twitter stars at Hannover Messe 2017

9 Apr 2017  by  Dusan Jakovljevic

Meet the EEIP Twitter stars at Hannover Messe 2017 - on Wednesday at 15:00 at the Wattline booth in hall 27, N30 at the Energy Efficiency Center

This year, my colleague Juergen Ritzek is attending HM17 visiting many companies following our EEIP Twitter channels @GreenCogEU and @EEIPEnMg.

Use hashtag #MeetTheFollower


We are looking forward meeting many of our followers in person. Just use hashtag #meetthefollowers and Juergen is happy to meet you at your booth at HM.


Meet the Twitter stars

And we are pleased to welcome you on Wednesday, the 26th at 15:00 at EEIP partner company Wattline for a "meet & greet" of the EEIP Twitter stars. Just drop by at hall 27, booth N30 in the Energy Efficiency Center and meet other front runners of industrial energy efficiency.

We love talking about how EEIP is leading changes with bridging social media and industry and energy sectors, how we are enabling SMEs to reach new customers and what is coming next in social media marketing for energy efficiency. And we love to hear about your experiences!

We live in truly exciting times.

Not only that Internet of Things and Industries 4.0 interconnects manufacturing processes and services, but it unlock information barriers that are the biggest challenge for energy efficiency industries.

When in 2011, on the behalf of EEIP (Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes), I attended Hannover Messe for the first time, marketing and engagement on social media was nowhere to be seen (and not only because of the hugely expensive wi-fi on the show). EEIP just started and within 6 moths we were already global leaders in energy efficiency on Twitter. Our audiences were interested and hungry on what is happening in industrial energy efficiency, and we delivered and still do today case studies, best practices, etc.

Today the social media at Hannover Messe is business reality, and EEIP are still the top influencer in our sector. Traffic/use of Twitter has increased significantly in the period of 2012 (when conversations were first referenced, #HM12) to 2014, (more than doubled every year), still the numbers only exploded in the last two years.

So, what is the potential of Twitter for industrial and energy sectors. When we set up EEIP as a not-for-profit industrial energy efficiency network in 2011 we projected the growth of the industrial energy efficiency social media audience to be just above 40,000. Today our niche professional network is over 130,000 strong, and continues to grow by hundred each day.

For years we have been recording out network activities with companies starting to do actual business on Twitter. Now this is no longer anecdotal, we see Twitter conversations leading to sales of industrial equipment, investment in projects or promoting innovative energy efficiency solutions. Twitter is now an effective business tool.


About Dusan Jakovljevic

Dusan Jakovljevic is co-founder and Director of Policy & Communications of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP). Educated at the London School of Economics, Dusan has been working in EU public affairs and energy policy since 1999 in London and Brussels. Advocating broadest collaborations among energy transition actors, Dusan supports over 40 associations at Tw4SE (Twitter for Sustainable Energy), and is the engagement expert at DecarbEurope (EEIP is one of over 20 members).