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Best Practices to tackle an investor raise

14 Nov 2019  by  Jürgen Ritzek

One best practice for project developers is learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and investors. At Joule Assets Europe, we work with project developers and investors. Gearing up for the Launch Investor Forum, we are excited to bring together these key stakeholders for collaboration in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

The upcoming LAUNCH “lighting raise” session offers project developers, project financiers and equity capital providers the opportunity to pitch to each other and provide feedback in front of a live audience. In addition to immediate feedback, project developers will have the chance to sharpen and refine the pitch they need to get them to the negotiating table.

We have often seen project developers focus the majority of their energy on securing clients, developing technologies or getting a sellable contract in place to fuel investor interest. While undoubtedly valuable, understanding an investor’s vantage point and how they evaluate projects can offer project developers greater success in raising capital.

Typically, systematic or categorical in nature, an investor’s perspective can be understood through risk criteria and project indicators. Failing to understand how projects fit into investor’s evaluation schemes or categories of risk can pose barriers to a successful investor raise.

An opportunity to interact with the investor's point of view and receive live response to actual projects being presented to them, will be during the LAUNCH event taking place in Brussels November 27th.  During this free event – contractors will be presenting their projects to a panel of investors – and receiving immediate feedback.

We’d be happy to have you join this real time raise experience.

LAUNCH Investor Forum webpage

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About Jürgen Ritzek

Juergen Ritzek is co-founder and Business Director of EEIP. Juergen is responsible for strategy, marketing and business development of EEIP and drives the growth of EEIP towards an energy transition platform. Juergen leads EEIPs B2B communication and relations and ensures EEIP relevance for value chain challenges (inter-company) and internal decision-making processes (intra-company). Following an international career at Unilever he founded European network consultancy GBC (2009) and EEIP (2011).