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EEIP at Turkish Energy Efficiency Week

4 Jan 2016  by  Dusan Jakovljevic

EEIP is proud to announce that two of our Board Members, Rod Janssen, Chairman of EEIPFin Working Group, and Erik Gudbjerg, Chairman of EEIPEnMg Working Group will be presenting at the 35th Energy Efficiency Week (EVF) in Turkey (Instanbul).

Organised within the 7th Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair, from 14 to 16 January 2016, in Istanbul WOW Convention Center, this event is one of Turkey's largest and most important energy events. Energy efficiency law was organized for the first time in Turkey in 2009 after entering into force. 

Progress on energy efficiency in Turkey has been followed with great attention. Dwindling resources and growing environmental pollution in Turkey all call for increase in efficient use of energy. Of great importance for the development of energy efficiency is the country's 20% target by 2023. Both public and private sector, as well as civil society organizations, cooperate in this work and the EVF is opportunity for policy initiuatives to align in practice. In addition to Erik and Rod, the event will include discussions on policies and strategies, international energy field / industry speakers and participants engaged in research academics, institutions, and companies.

More information at http://evf.gov.tr

About Dusan Jakovljevic

Dusan Jakovljevic is co-founder and Director of Policy & Communications of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP). Educated at the London School of Economics, Dusan has been working in EU public affairs and energy policy since 1999 in London and Brussels. Advocating broadest collaborations among energy transition actors, Dusan supports over 40 associations at Tw4SE (Twitter for Sustainable Energy), and is the engagement expert at DecarbEurope (EEIP is one of over 20 members).