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TOP 3 Articles 1st half 2018

3 Oct 2018  by  Cristina Florensa

1 - The benefit of compressed air systems becoming smart - a Boge example.

Industry 4.0 in practice: from product to solutions: Boge compressed air example of how the combination of a smart product, smart service and smart factory delivers customer benefits

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2 - The HERA Group, from local utility to global sustainable development. A unique approach that could change the way utilities do business around the world.

The Hera Group (Gruppo Hera) - an Italian multi-utility that with its unique business strategy respects the environment while creating shared value to its customers. The company brings innovation on all fronts, from Circular Economy, Utility 4.0, Smart City, to Customer Experience. This article focuses on Hera’s innovative business approach, and how the company delivers shared values while contributing to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

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3 - Join us in a novel approach to increase investments in industrial energy efficiency: training for project developers starts April 27th

For project developers: Lack of standardisation of the development, measurement and documentation of industrial energy efficiency projects is a key barrier in the market. ICP together with an international group of experts has developed EU-wide protocols to solve this - first free training starts on April 27

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