The traditional power system is experiencing a push towards innovation like never before. The abundance of renewable energy sources and solutions, increasingly fragmented stakeholder groups, availability of new and emerging technologies, increasing demand for secure, clean and efficient energy all point toward a pressing need for transformation in the energy system.




The Horizon 2020 OneNet…

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Policy & Regulation Finance

Showcasing the need to improve energy performance of industry

In January 2020, the European Commission presented its European Green Deal investment Plan tol mobilise EU funding and create an enabling framework to facilitate and stimulate the public and private…

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Policy & Regulation Renewables Smart Cities & Buildings

New report from JRC: Enabling Positive Energy Districts across Europe: energy efficiency couples renewable energy

From an energy perspective, zero or positive energy districts (PED) provide opportunities to achieve cost-effective levels of high-energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. This newly published…

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Energy Efficiency Services Finance

Powering an Energy Efficient Future

On the 30th September I moderated a webinar on energy efficiency, Powering an Energy Efficient Future, for the IPFA as part of their energy transition series. 




We had three great panelists who…

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Projects ETS Energy Management Energy Recovery & DHC

Europe’s energy-intensive industries coping with covid crisis while trying to stay on sustainable path

Europe’s industry has significant challenges today. We are fortunate that the European Union provides a robust policy framework for industry that covers many themes: climate change, energy efficiency,…

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Policy & Regulation Building Energy Management

New JRC report: Untapping multiple benefits: hidden values in environmental and building policies

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has recently published an important new research study on how we can untap the multi benefits from improved energy efficiency in our buildings…

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Energy System Data & Cyber Security

7 major challenges of a power grid and their solutions

Electricity is a powerful thing. In order to use its benefits, it is necessary that the amount of electricity in the grid corresponds with actual consumption needs. Due to the ever-increasing demand…

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Policy & Regulation National & Regional Policy Directives International Organisations ETS Climate Change

Defining Carbon Neutrality: Not as Simple as It Might Seem

How to understand the terms ‘decarbonization’ and ‘carbon neutrality’? It is not about removing carbon itself – it is the combination of carbon and oxygen (carbon-dioxide) which yields harmful…

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Energy System

Is the future synthetic? E-fuels and the future energy system

I’ve previously talked about the challenges of finding an energy source for industries needing a source of concentrated energy such as aviation or even space flight. In my discussion I highlighted the…

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Energy Efficiency Technology Energy Management Industry 4.0

How does COVID19 affect energy efficiency plans of industry?

How does COVID19 affect energy efficiency plans of industry? What framework(s) are effective to help decarbonise industry? Do companies plan to decarbonise? How/by when?


What are the short term…

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