In my blog ‘How will energy look in 2030? My 10 predictions for the next 10 years!’ I predicted that by 2030 all city centres will have some form of fifth generation heat network – taking heat networks share of heating beyond the 18% currently forecast by the government! In the article I didn’t go into too much detail about how exciting fifth generation heat network technology really is so I…

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Policy & Regulation

EEIP - Strategical partnership with EUSEW2020

EU Sustainable Energy Week, the key annual event in the EU energy transition  and sustainable energy calendar, has been the most consistent frontline activity for us at Energy Efficiency in Industrial…

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Policy & Regulation Finance Financing Sources & Form

Europe's one trillion climate finance plan

Find out how Europe wants to fund projects to tackle climate change and support regions that are most affected by the transition to a green economy.

Just over a month after the presentation of the…

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Climate Change Renewables

Microsoft details long-term plan for becoming carbon negative

Microsoft executives announced plans today for the company to become carbon negative by 2030, and then by 2050 to remove all the carbon from the environment that Microsoft has emitted directly or…

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Climate Change Finance

'A Massive Victory': BlackRock CEO Promises to Center Climate Change in Investment Strategy

The firm, which manages nearly $7 trillion in assets, claims it will ensure sustainability is a key factor in investment strategies moving forward.

In a letter to investors Tuesday, Larry Fink, CEO…

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Energy System Demand Response Digitalisation

Virtual Power Plants: former sci-fi technology is now a reality

An old saying in Ireland goes: ‘there is no strength without unity’. When it comes to distributed energy resources (DER), it couldn’t be more true. DER, acting individually, has a very limited ability…

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Energy System Renewables

Report: Solar Installations to spike 14% in 2020

Global solar installations will continue double-digit growth rates into the new decade, according to the new 2020 Global Photovoltaic (PV) Demand Forecast by IHS Markit. New annual installations in…

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Energy Efficiency Technology Motor Driven System (MDS) E-Mobility, Mobility & Public Transport

In and out with 10-minute electrical vehicle recharge

Electric vehicle owners may soon be able to pull into a fueling station, plug their car in, go to the restroom, get a cup of coffee and in 10 minutes, drive out with a fully charged battery, according…

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Policy & Regulation Climate Change

China faces 4 big risks if it continues building more coal plants

Author: Jennifer Layke

From January 2018 to June 2019, China added 43 gigawatts (GW) of net new coal power capacity to its existing 1,000 GW coal fleet, while the rest of the world collectively…

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Projects Energy Management Digitalisation

H2020-funded project RETROFEED kicks off in Brussels

Implementing smart retrofitting frameworks in the process industry towards its operation with variable, biobased and circular feedstock

The 26th and 27th November 2019 mark the official launch of…

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Policy & Regulation

Reflections on the European Commission’s proposal for a European Green Deal

If we are in a climate crisis, it is time to leave no stone unturned.  In the 1970s, there were two major oil crises and action was mobilised on many fronts. The International Energy Agency was…

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Policy & Regulation Energy Management

The time is right: Industrial Policy and the European Green Deal

This week, there is a big article in the Financial Times about how Brussels is re-tooling industrial policy. The focus of the article is on how there is increasing support to develop the battery…

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Policy & Regulation National & Regional Policy Climate Change

More national climate policies expected, but how effective are the existing ones?

Author: European Environment Agency

In 2019, EU Member States reported that they had already adopted or were planning to adopt 1925 national policies and corresponding measures to reduce greenhouse…

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Smart Cities & Buildings E-Mobility, Mobility & Public Transport

Driverless and electric, or car-free? The cities cutting out cars, and why


It’s common consensus in the tech industry that the days of cars as we know them—powered by gas, driven by humans, and individually owned by all who want and can afford one—are…

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Projects Finance Finance System Support

Best Practices to tackle an investor raise

One best practice for project developers is learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurs and investors. At Joule Assets Europe, we work with project developers and investors. Gearing up for…

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Energy System Energy Storage Renewables

How cheap must batteries get for renewables to compete with fossil fuels?

Author: Edd Gent

While solar and wind power are rapidly becoming cost-competitive with fossil fuels in areas with lots of sun and wind, they still can’t provide the 24/7 power we’ve become used to.…

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Policy & Regulation Finance Financing Sources & Form

Blockchain will be the next GDPR

What has been apparent for a long time to all of us involved in energy efficiency at business and industry is that the communication layer is the foundation of nascent energy system. It will radically…

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Funding Programs Financing Sources & Form

The European Investment Bank (EIB) revises energy lending criteria

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will phase out support to energy projects reliant on fossil fuels: oil & gas production, infrastructure primarily dedicated to natural gas, power generation or heat…

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Policy & Regulation Data & Cyber Security Data Infrastructure

Hungary, Portugal and Poland sign up to EU quantum communication infrastructure initiative

At the Digital Assembly, 7 Member States agreed to work together to explore how to make available a quantum communication infrastructure (QCI) in Europe, to boost European capabilities in quantum…

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Climate Change Finance System Support

Making an impact

‘Every investment is an impact investment’
Amy Clarke, Tribe Impact Capital 

Impact Investment & SDGs

I have been thinking a lot about impact investing since speaking at the King’s Impact Investing…

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Policy & Regulation Climate Change Finance System Support

Sustainable finance: Simplicity liberates action!

For nearly ten years Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) has been working on the policies and tools enabling financing of energy efficiency in industry. Complexity of investing in energy…

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Funding Programs Projects Finance Financing Sources & Form

EIC Accelerator Fund Investment Guidelines available!

The grants available will be between € 0.5 and 2.5 million and equity investment can amount up to €15 million. The aim is to increase support for ground-breaking concepts that could shape new markets…

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Climate Change

What the energy efficiency community can learn from the Club of Rome

One step at a time

We are confronting a lot of doom and gloom. On the one hand, we have the student climate activists and the Extinction Rebellion shaking our complacency to show that globally we are…

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Motor Driven System (MDS) HVAC E-Mobility, Mobility & Public Transport

Electric Vehicles & Heat Pumps: Electric motors play a crucial role in the energy transition

Electric motors are implicated in two major decarbonisation options involving electrification: electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps. This will lead to a significant market growth, as well as growing…

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Projects Energy Efficiency Technology Energy Efficiency Services Street Lighting Contractual Models

ICP partners made it!

ICP Partners help spread the Investor Ready Energy EfficiencyTM (IREE) Certification scheme in local countries

In a nutshell…

The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe is tackling two of the main…

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