EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM provides a set of recommendations for a sustainable industrial recovery plan




The aluminium industry has traditionally been considered strategic in Europe, however, 2019 data show that primary production in Europe is flat, despite a growing demand for aluminium products in a range of strategic applications. This is due to tensions on the aluminium supply chain caused by…

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ETS Renewables Sensors Industry 4.0 Industrial Software

CEMBUREAU’s roadmap towards #Cement2050 – a Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

The European Cement Association, CEMBUREAU, the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe and spokesperson for the cement industry before the EU institutions and other public…

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Climate Change Heating Research & Innovation Energy Recovery & DHC

Reducing emission from cement and steel manufacturing

Electricity is remarkably versatile in terms of its potential uses, but some industrial processes will be difficult to decarbonise irrespective of Europe’s overall decarbonisation strategy. Cement,…

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Policy & Regulation

Green groups outline their priorities to make Europe’s industry a global leader

As Europe prepares to embrace a new industrial revolution in the aftermath of the covid-19 crisis, green groups have outlined their priorities to make Europe’s industry a global leader. A clean and…

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Policy & Regulation Finance

Reflections on the recent 2020 EEFIG plenary

On February 18th, the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) held its annual plenary session in Brussels .EEFIG was established in 2013 by the European Commission Directorate-General…

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Policy & Regulation Renewables Energy Recovery & DHC

Deep decarbonisation of industry: The cement sector




Fossil fuel combustion to meet heating needs accounts for 35% of cement’s CO2 emissions. The remaining 65% are due to direct process emissions, which must also be addressed.


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Policy & Regulation Energy System Finance

How Energy Efficiency and Renewables will benefit from COVID-19

Since 1900 only three events had a greater impact on global energy demand than COVID-19: The Spanish flu, the Great Depression and World War II. So now COVID-19. Can we already predict the near and/or…

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Renewables Energy Efficiency Technology

Two walls may beat one for solar-panel nanotubes

One nanotube could be great for electronics applications, but researchers report new evidence that two could be tops.


Engineers already knew that size matters when using single-walled carbon…

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Energy System Energy Recovery & DHC

Escaping the horns of a dilemma

“Phaedrus, however, because of his training in logic, was aware that every dilemma affords not two but three classic refutations, and he also knew of a few that weren’t so classic, so he smiled…

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