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CHP Heat Source Technology Heat Temperature

Reliable Mixture Control - Lean Gas Systems

Worldwide lean gas (biogas, mine gas, landfill gas or digester gas) is becoming more important for power and heat generation. Especially in North America the use of lean gas will drastically gain momentum due to the massive development. Besides variations in the gas quality which have to be adjusted constantly, stricter rules and regulations for emissions are factors which are permanently asking…

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Holz-Kraft Anlagen: Produktion von Strom & Wärme im MW Bereich

[Abstrakt] Beispiel einer Kaskadeninstallation von 22 Holz-Kraft Anlagen, mir denen 1MW elektrische & 2,4MW thermische Leistung erreicht werden. Inklusive Infomationen zu Kosten (pro kW, Austauschmotoren), Skalierbarkeit sowie Szenarien, bei denen diese Technologie Vorteile gegenüber ORC oder Dampfturbinen KWK hat.

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Finance System Support Financing Sources & Form

Financing Energy Efficiency: A Capital Market perspective

The money is there! --- this presentation covers the challenges for institutional investors, the framework for investment decisions and an example of energy efficiency project selection criteria.



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Policy & Regulation Energy Efficiency Services

Active Energy Efficiency

This white paper argues strongly that meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets set within the Kyoto Protocol will fail unless Active Energy Efficiency becomes compulsory.

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Energy Management Consulting Service Technology Industry 4.0

Process Control for Active Energy Management in Industry

This white paper was written by analysts of the Industrial Automation Practice at Frost & Sullivan to elaborate on the potential to leverage process control solutions for active energy management in Industry

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Cooling Energy Recovery & DHC

Cooling systems and energy recovery for industrial furnaces: technologies - advantages

This paper gives an overview about different cooling systems (cold water cooling, warm water cooling, hot cooling) for different types of furnaces and industries. Author: Reining Heisskuehlung

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Kühlsysteme und Energierückgewinnung für Industrieöfen: Varianten - Vorteile

Ein Überblick über Kühlsysteme (Kaltwasserkühlung, Warmwasserkühlung, Heißkühlung), jeweilige Vorteile und Einsatzmöglichkeiten (Typen von Industrieöfen, Industriesektoren). Autor: Reining Heisskühlung

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Stromerzeugung aus Abwärme bei diskontinuierlichen Abwärmeströmen

[Abstrakt] Darstellung des DeVeTec Abwärmekraftwerksprozesses basierend auf einer Kolbenxpansionsmaschine sowie ein Vergleich zu konkurrierenden ORC Anwendungen. Geeignet für Temperaturen über 250 Grad Celsius. Inclusive Anwendungsbeispiel Glasindustrie und Kosten/Nutzen Analyse (von Leistungsdaten bis zu Amortisation)


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DeVeTec at German Federal President Mr. Gauck

DeVeTec presents its Energy Recovery project at the Environment Week in Schloss Bellevue Park on invitation of German Federal President Mr. Joachim Gauk (June 2016)

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DeVeTec nominated for German Industry Innovation Award 2016

DeVeTec GmbH has been nominated for the German Industry’s Innovation Award in the medium-sized enterprises category for its innovation in the field of energy efficiency. Winners will be announced during a prize ceremony taking place at 16th of April in Darmstadt.

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