Climate Change

Tata Steel has benefited from more than £700m in free carbon allowances and offsets. Tata Steels chairman argued that the ETS put its Port Talbot steelworks at a competitive disadvantage. The notion cleaner European steel manufacturers could be forced to migrate to compete appeared commonsensical. But one problem the European commission faced in supporting compensation was a lack of evidence that such leakage had ever occurred. Saving billions of dollars that can be used to support a just transition for workers in fossil fuels and invest in renewal for vulnerable communities is worth doing. The closure of Britains mining industry may have been a defining but the question is why employers should be shielded from its logic when their workers are not. Back to the markets-first model is being extended to steel, but employers shouldn't be shielded when workers aren't working for steel, says Peter Bergen, who will pay for the low-carbon-energy revolution, he says. For steelworkers, he adds.

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