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CHP Heat Source Technology Smart Cities & Buildings

ORC-systems are helping to create a sustainable energy future

ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology made possible by SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers is being used in Sweden to transform waste heat into renewable electricity. This high efficiency and low maintenance way to produce sustainable electricity is being adopted by district heating systems around the world. Read how Ronneby Municipality put this innovative technology to use.

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Heat Source Technology

Rank Organic Rankine Cycle Technology with applications in Heat Recovery solution

In a project involving ACCIONA and KEROS CERAMICA, RANK has worked with SWEP to implement a heat recovery solution for electricity power generation. ORC RANK equipment capacities range from 2 to 100 kWe. The activation range for the low-temperature equipment starts at just 85 °C.SWEP's heat exchangers are installed as economizers, evaporators and condensers.

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Cooling Energy Management

Outokumpu Cools Machine Shop using natural Elements

To cool the rolling mill's machine shop, Outokumpu has chosen a solution that saves energy compared with more conventional alternatives. There are two ways to cool the machine shop. One is to use outdoor air, the other to use industrial water from a nearby river and cool the air through existing cooling coils and a SWEP B649 brazed plate heat exchanger.

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Heat Source Technology Heat Temperature HVAC

Shining a light on Tomatoes

Royal Pride Holland is using the J624 GS engines to power the greenhouse's new cogeneration plant. Some of the power generated is used for lighting for the tomatoes, but most is supplied to the public power grid. Because the waste heat from the engines can be used at very low temperatures, and the CO2 in its exhaust gas can also be used, the overall level of efficiency is 95 percent.

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Heat Source Technology Heat Temperature

Gothenborg Energi sees the bigger Picture

The heat recovery block station at the car manufacturer plant replaced an outdated technical setup: With this highly efficient heat exchange the supply temperature from the refinery no longer needed to be additionally heated. The estimated Return On Investment (ROI) is less than five months.

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Heat Source Technology Heat Temperature Waste & Waste Water Management

Clean Power when ORC System recovers Waste Heat

Generating clean power in Japanese incineration plant: When the Japanese-based company Daiichi Jitsugy got a request from Ertec to install an ORC system in their new waste incineration plant, the company’s engineers knew that they would need a heat exchanger out of the ordinary.

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Compressed Air & Vaccum Heat Source Technology Heat Temperature

Significant cost savings & lowered CO2 Emissions through efficient Heat-Recovery Solutions

Marc Delannoy, General Manager Airflux: “Airflux selected SWEP as a partner for two main reasons. First, SWEP is a well-known brand, appreciated in the heat exchange industry. Furthermore, one of our main partners was already successfully integrating SWEP's brazed plate heat exchangers in their systems. We have had a positive experience of integrating SWEP heat exchangers into our customers'…

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Building Energy Management

ICP Presentation

The Investor Confidence Project Europe unlocks access to financing for the building, industry, district energy and street lighting markets by standardizing how energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured.

For more information about using ICP protocols, training and verification, please click here.


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Street Lighting

Protocol Street Lighting 2019 (ENG)

ICP protocols are standardising the way energy efficiency projects are developed, documented and measured following best practice and involving independent verification. Protocols are not interfering with the technical side of projects.

The Street Lighting protocol covers the energy associated with both controlling, powering and lighting the luminaire, and with energy associated with providing…

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Street Lighting

PDS Street Lighting 2019 (ENG)

The ICP Europe Project Development Specification (PDS) brings the many complex details of an energy efficiency project into focus, providing a clear direction to the entire team with regards to requirements, tools, expectations, and quality management.   Its unified approach to project development ensures that projects compliant with the ICP Protocols can be trusted to be consistent in their…

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