CP Pump Systems

As one of the industry’s leading suppliers of premium quality centrifugal pumps, we help our customers to achieve sustainable environmental improvements in their fluid handling systems. About twothirds of the electricity used in industry is consumed by motor systems. As pumping systems account for around 25% of this electrical motor consumption, they offer tremendous potential to save both energy and money. With potential energy savings estimated at some 20%, industrial facilities in the United States alone could save over 20,000 GWh or €1.6 billion annually at 8 cent/kWh simply by optimising their pumping systems. In the face of increasing CO2 credit trading and rising electricity prices, pump applications are a great way to start reducing costs by increasing energy efficiency. And that’s our commitment to you. Learn more about our sustainable company – enjoy exploring our site! Established in 1948, CP is an industrial company based in Zofingen, Switzerland. Today, we operate in more than 40 countries and generate over 80% of our sales outside Switzerland.

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