Dream or reality: solar power systems in space

15 July 2022 by Marina Lopez
Dream or reality: solar power systems in space

A Space-based Solar Power (SSP) station would have the potential to mitigate climate change through the provision of clean energy. SSP is not only considered more efficient than ground-based solar stations but it is also immaculately clean, infinitely available, and it has no impact on landscapes as it does not require any land use. One of the most complex and challenging drawbacks is how to assemble, launch, and deploy such a large structure in space. Despite nothing of this size has ever been sent to space before, scientists are not easily discouraged and many believe that the challenges of a SSP-project can be solved.

The biggest disadvantage of a SSP is the cost of its launch and deployment. The most complex process requires solving a number of technological bottlenecks that involve not only the manufacturing of the power station, but also the design of thermal, wireless power transmission and control systems.

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