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As an open and neutral energy transition platform reaching out to more than 150.000 professionals, we are inviting you to contribute guest articles. Contact Jürgen Ritzek to set-up your EEIP Writer Profile.


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Your benefits as an EEIP contributor


Today, your articles will be published on EEIP website and promoted through our social media channels and theme related newsletters. They will be included in our recommendation service “related content”. Your authorship will be visible at every article and your EEIP writer profile page including contact details, links to your website and social media presence will show the entirety of your contribution.


Tomorrow, you will receive an analytics report summarizing your traffic results and sources as well as your relative success compared to all other articles in your category. This will form the basis of a financial reward system currently in development.


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How to become a regular EEIP contributor


As it is our objective to support the business case energy transition by providing open and free information about challenges and solutions, we are interested in mainstream as well as controversial contributions - as long as they go into depth and bring something interesting and relevant to business and policy audiences.


Design and content guidelines


After we have set up your EEIP Writer Profile you will have access to the EEIP editor to submit articles. For more information about the editor, please check our EEIP Editor FAQ. To get them passed our daily review, we have some basic guidelines:


  • Articles must be genuine and original. If you use information from other authors, idea is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same goes for images that you use on your post. Please give credit where credit is needed.
  • Articles should have between 500-2000 words
  • You can add links as long as this adds value. Articles for the sake of backlink building will be rejected and might lead to the closing of your EEIP Writer Profile.
  • We do accept business case studies and whitepapers - but only under our content marketing service. Please contact Jürgen Ritzek for more information.


To help and encourage you, we have listed some examples of actual published articles: