Date 15 February 2022
Details 10.00 - 13.00 CET
Location Virtual Event

Presenting the key results of the EU-funded ETEKINA project on the development, construction and comissioning of three prototypes of new heat pipe heat exchangers (HPHE), recovering more than 40% of waste heat streams in energy intensive industries.

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The virtual event is free of charge and aimed at engineers, scientists, energy managers of energy intensive industries and anyone interested in understanding and learning how heat pipe heat exchangers can substantially reduce the carbon footprint. If you register, you will be able to join the event and access the recording of the conference, which will be share a few days after the event.  





The consortium will present the results of the ETEKINA project, which includes three heat pipe heat exchanger (HPHE) prototypes that can recover more than 40% of the waste heat streams in energy intensive industries.




The three end-users will provide insights about the implementation of these heat exchangers: SIJ METAL RAVNE (Slovenia) will report on their monitoring results in a steel factory, FAGOR EDERLAN (Spain) will share their experiences on an aluminium foundry and ATLAS CONCORDE (Italy) have implemented the HPHE prototype in their ceramics production line and will present their results. 


In addition, there will be presentations on the HPHE technology itself and on the legal framework in Europe  energy intensive industries should consider when implementing heat recovery technologies. 




Agenda and registration here: