Introduction to ICP for industry, street lighting and district energy (1h webinar)

Date 26 June 2017
Details 12pm
Location webinar

The webinar will introduce the new work of ICP Europe for industry, district energy and street lighting.

It will highlight the

  • benefits for industry, project developers/ESCOs and financial markets/investors
  • how stakeholders can participate, e.g. by joining the technical working groups or participating in the free-trainings offered.

During EU Sustainable Energy Week in June 2017, the new project will be officially launched.

This will begin the process of developing the new Energy Performance Protocols that will reference best practice project standards to be used in industry, district energy schemes and street lighting upgrades. These protocols allow for the standardisation of project origination, thus reducing transaction costs and improving project performance. This will lead to more projects completed and for greater impact.

We are looking forward welcoming you on the 27th of June for a lively presentation and discussion. Registration is open - you can register here

For any question or more information, just contact juergen.ritzek(at)




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