Motek: International trade fair for automation in production and assembly

Date 08 - 11 October 2017
Details Full Day
Location Stuttgart, Germany

Welcome to the World’s Leading Trade Fair

The international trade fair Motek, which takes place in Stuttgart from 09.10.2017 – 12.10.2017, is the world’s leading event in the fields of production and assembly automation, feed technology and material flow, streamlining through handling technology, and industrial handling. As such, Motek is the only trade fair to clearly focus on all aspects of mechanical engineering and automation and on the presentation of entire process chains.

The consistent target-group orientation is one of Motek’s secrets of success. Focal target groups include

  • automotive,
  • machinery and equipment manufacturing
  • the electrical and electronics industries
  • medical engineering
  • solar production
  • metal and plastic processing companies in general and their suppliers

Mechanical engineering, automation and process chains - all have shown stunning progress in delivering more energy efficient solutions to the market.

Meet the German EEIP team, Simone Ciolek and Flavio Steinbach.

We are always looking forward to exciting new solutions and companies - and to tell the 130.000 EEIP industry network about the new news in the energy efficiency market.