TOWARDS A DECARBONIZED EUROPE: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for clean energy transition

Date 19 October 2021
Details 09:00 - 10:30 CEST
Location Online

Building on the results of 7 EU-funded projects*, this session provides guidelines and good practice to implement energy efficiency solutions and to facilitate the energy transition. SMEs have a high untapped energy saving potential which can be unlocked by overcoming structural, market and financial barriers. Industry stakeholders, policy makers, financial institutions, ESCOs, academia/research, energy professionals and other attendees will therefore hear about available services, tools and policies that can unlock considerable amounts of energy/cost savings and assist in achieving emission targets. This session focuses on three key aspects of energy efficiency improvements in SMEs around Europe:


- Barriers and opportunities in implementing energy efficiency solutions,

- Best practices and case studies, such as trainings, tools, services etc.,

- Policies to enhance the implementation of energy efficiency measures in SMEs in the upcoming years.





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