Devetec GmbH

Devetec GmbH

2000 - Fondation de la société DeVeTec GmbH.

>Production d'électricité à haute efficacité à partir de la chaleur résiduelle<


Development and construction

Methodological solution identification according to Pahl-Beitz, stress-adjusted and production-oriented calculation and design of machine components. Thermodynamic dimensioning of functional groups.


Plant engineering

Rough planning of the systems engineering, EPC contractor, technical approval of suppliers´ systems engineering.


Production and prototype construction

Prototype construction of high-precision parts and components, production of sealing elements, processing of steel, aluminium, titan and diverse high-performance plastics, 5-axis simultaneous machining.


Test and evaluation

Test stand for ORC fluids. Test of ORC fluids concerning efficiency, possible fields of application, handling, compatibility of materials, suitability and durability.