Innovation is improving electric motors in five key ways

08 November 2022 by Marina Lopez
Innovation is improving electric motors in five key ways


Electric motors account for more than 40% of global electricity consumption. Without efficiency improvements, global energy consumption from electric motors is expected to rise by 13,360 TWh annually by 2030. Some innovators claim up to 60% reduction in HVAC system energy use, which could significantly curb rising energy consumption. Some key innovators improving power density are Linear Labs, Focused Magnetics, Magnax and YAS

E-Circuit Motors uses a cloud-based CAD/CAM platform that leverages PCB manufacturing to print stators for coreless axial flux motors and a virtual gearbox for mass manufacturing. Meanwhile, the optimization for high-volume manufacturing involves using innovative software platforms and designs to make electric motors smaller and lighter motors. and the E-circuit Motors.

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