The future for industrial pumps - go digital and connect

10 October 2022 by Jürgen Ritzek
The future for industrial pumps - go digital and connect


Digital and connected pump market could double in size within the next decade. Key players in this market include big names like ITT Corporation, Xylem, Wilo, Sulzer, Grundfos and Flowserve. Government economic stimulus packages and tax credits that target infrastructure projects are also expected to widen scope of the digital pumps market.


Digital pumps save energy and cost and have applications in building, water treatment plants, boiler control systems, and automation. A majority of the current output of digital pumps goes into the US, with an estimated market demand of 5.5 billion dollars in 2032


Today, players in the global digital pump market focus on expanding their reach through various strategies, such as partnerships, collaborations and significant investments in Research and Development.


The industry association Europump believes that water pumps alone could save around 35 TWh from the current 137 TWh from current water pump controllers.

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