(Cancelled) IEA Task Meeting Solar Process Heat and Industry Workshop

Date 26 - 27 March 2020
Details 2 Days Event (Invitation only)
Location Cologne, Germany


Next 26th and 27th of March, the recently started IEA SHC Task 64 and/or the linked Industry Workshop on “Solar Process Heat” is meeting at the premises of DLR in Cologne.

The industrial sector accounts for approximately 30% of the total energy consumption in the OECD countries. The major share of the energy is needed for heating and cooling of buildings and for production processes at temperatures from ambient up to approx. 400-500°C. This is a temperature range that can be well addressed with solar thermal technologies.

Within 5 subtasks we discourse the optimised design and operation of Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP), that will be further discussed on March 26th. The main objective of this event is to identify possible support of interested stakeholders along the work plan of the Task, to collect actual challenges and work on innovative solutions and ideas: (i) Integrated energy systems, (ii) Modularization, (iii) Simulation and design tools, (iv) Standardization/Certification and (v) Guideline to market

The next day’s industry workshop (March 27th) focuses on the exchange between industrial and scientific experts for the implementation of SHIP in Central Europe on findings and challenges of realised projects and linked business models, funding and financing.

If you are interested in attending to this event, please contact juergen.ritzek(at)ee-ip.org