Europe’s industry has significant challenges today. We are fortunate that the European Union provides a robust policy framework for industry that covers many themes: climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy, air pollution, circular economy, energy security, resources efficiency, decarbonisation (or carbon neutrality) and competitiveness being the most relevant. Today, all Europeans also…

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New JRC report: Untapping multiple benefits: hidden values in environmental and building policies

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has recently published an important new research study on how we can untap the multi benefits from improved energy efficiency in our buildings…

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Energy System Data & Cyber Security

7 major challenges of a power grid and their solutions

Electricity is a powerful thing. In order to use its benefits, it is necessary that the amount of electricity in the grid corresponds with actual consumption needs. Due to the ever-increasing demand…

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Defining Carbon Neutrality: Not as Simple as It Might Seem

How to understand the terms ‘decarbonization’ and ‘carbon neutrality’? It is not about removing carbon itself – it is the combination of carbon and oxygen (carbon-dioxide) which yields harmful…

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CHP Heat Source Technology Smart Cities & Buildings

ORC-systems are helping to create a sustainable energy future

ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology made possible by SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers is being used in Sweden to transform waste heat into renewable electricity. This high efficiency and low maintenance way to produce sustainable electricity is being adopted by district heating systems around the world. Read how Ronneby Municipality put this innovative technology to use.

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Heat Source Technology

Rank Organic Rankine Cycle Technology with applications in Heat Recovery solution

In a project involving ACCIONA and KEROS CERAMICA, RANK has worked with SWEP to implement a heat recovery solution for electricity power generation. ORC RANK equipment capacities range from 2 to 100 kWe. The activation range for the low-temperature equipment starts at just 85 °C.SWEP's heat exchangers are installed as economizers, evaporators and condensers.

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