ChatGPT and the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act

22 May 2023 by Brent Lee
ChatGPT and the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act


The European Union (EU) is considering a new legal framework that aims to significantly bolster regulations on the development and use of artificial intelligence. The proposed legislation, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, focuses primarily on strengthening rules around data quality, transparency, human oversight and accountability. It also aims to address ethical questions and implementation challenges in various sectors ranging from healthcare and education to finance and energy.


A so-called general purpose AI, which are AI systems that can be used for different purposes with varying degrees of risk, is proposed.

For companies, fines can reach up to €30 million or 6% of global of global income. Submitting false or misleading documentation to regulators can result in fines, too. Once the European Parliament adopts its own position on the legislation, EU interinstitutional negotiations—a process known as trilogues— – will begin to finalise and implement the legislation.

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